Vinyl Windows

sunrise-windows-doors-logo-optimizedCustom View Windows Inc. is proud to sell and install Sunrise Vinyl Windows®. After more than 20 years of selling and installing vinyl windows, we feel that Sunrise Windows are our customer’s best choice for quality and performance. We also like the fact that Sunrise Windows company stands behind each and every window with a lifetime warranty.

Some special features of Sunrise Vinyl Windows® are:

  • Sunrise-before-after3 exterior colors and 4 interior colors, including 3 woodgrains. (These colors and woodgrains can be paired together for a total of 15 color combinations).
  • Decorative glass options
  • 4 distinct styles of grids
  • A stylish integral fold-down crank handle.
  • Mini-blinds or pleated fabric shades between the panes of glass.
  • Constructed from energy efficient PVC and offer polyurethane foam-filled extrusions that provide higher R-values than other PVC windows.  (The same insulation as in your refrigerator door. )
  • Fusion-welded corners and naturally-sloped sills that eliminate the need for unsightly drain holes and guard against possible leaks.


  • Three continuous weather-strip seals which make Sunrise windows airtight.
  • A unique pivot system that allows sashes to tilt into your home for ease of cleaning. Sashes can also be removed and reinstalled very quickly.
  • More visible glass area due to double contoured narrow-line exterior mainframe and recessed sash locks.
  • Stylish frame design that offers tremendous strength to the structure, guaranteeing year after year of airtight performance.
  • Tempered glass in all windows. (Tempered glass is stronger than regular window glass.)
  • The best Low-E glass available.
  • Windows are rated and certified to energy performance standards of the National Fenestration Ratings Council.